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Upcoming Elections!

Aerie nominations will occur on April 26, 2023, during our regular Aerie meeting, held at 6:00 p.m.

Elections will occur on May 10, 2023

Below is a list of Aerie positions that are up for election:

Auxiliary nominations will occur on April 25, 2023, during our regular Auxiliary meeting, held at 7:00 p.m.

Elections will occur on May 09, 2023

Below is a list of Auxiliary positions that are up for election:


    1. Where a candidate for nomination cannot be present on the night of nominations, his/her letter of acceptance for an office must be given directly to the Secretary of the Aerie/Auxiliary prior to the opening of any nominations so that the letter of acceptance becomes a communication of the Aerie/Auxiliary.   This is required even if the Nominating Committee has selected the candidate.
    2. If only one (1) candidate has been nominated for an office and, prior to the time of the election, he/she dies, withdraws,  or for any reason is unable to be such candidate further nominations for that office, and for that office only may be made at the meeting at which the election takes place.
    3. If there is no candidate nominated for an office(s), nominations for that (those) office(s) may be re-opened at the next meeting upon notice to the membership.  Only those offices without a candidate can be re-opened.
    4. After nominations have been closed, they may not be re-opened if there are any candidates nominated for that office.
    5. If two (2) candidates are nominated for an office, and one (1) withdraws prior to the election, there would be no further nominations for that office. The candidate that is left would win by acclamation, as he/she would be unopposed.
    6. The President appoints the Election Committee (Tellers) at this meeting if there is an election.



The election of officers takes place at the first meeting in May and is held in accordance with the time set by the Aerie/Auxiliary By-Laws.

Each nominee is permitted to have an observer at the polls and/or count the ballots.  The observer is just that - an observer, and he/she cannot participate in the election or in the counting of the ballots.   The observer may not engage in any campaigning while serving in such a capacity.

The ballots should contain each of the offices with opposition listed in the order in which they were nominated.  The Aerie/Auxiliary must decide prior to nomination the order in which the names will appear on the ballot.   It can be in the order nominated or alphabetically. Any offices with no opposition are not required to be on the ballot.